Adventure High Sea Kayaking is gearing up for an exciting and busy summer on Grand Manan Island.  The spring has brought warm and fair weather conditions, letting us get out on a few paddles to explore new regions of the Bay and Fundy and the Island of Grand Manan, including paddling out to the Wolves Islands from Beaver Harbour near Black’s Harbour, as well as exploring the outside of White Head Island.  We spent the winter paddling in the cold Southern Ocean surrounding the continent of Antarctica so it was a nice treat to get back out on the Bay of Fundy in warm conditions.


Adventure High Sea Kayaking will be expanding into educational Sea Kayaking throughout the 2016 summer season.  We have developed a lesson program being offered in conjunction with Paddle Canada certification programs.  The Paddle Canada SK Level 1 certification will be run over four distinct lessons, allowing the student to take one or a few of the lessons in which they feel they want instruction, improvement or development or taking all four lessons in order to obtain a Paddle Canada certificate.

Lesson 1: Sea Kayaking Basics – July 4 and August 1 (Mornings – 4 hours) $70.00+HST

Lesson 2: Intro to Capsize and Recovery – July 4 and August 1 (Afternoons – 4 hours) $70.00+HST

Lesson 3: Balancing, Bracing and Edging – July 5 and August 2 (Mornings – 4 hours) $70.00+HST

Lesson 4: Solo Paddling – July 5 and August 2 (Afternoons – 4 hours) $70.00+HST

Lesson 1-2 Package: PC Intro to Sea Kayaking – July 4 and August 1 (Full Day) $125.00+HST

Lesson 1-4: PC Sea Kayaking Level 1 Skills – July 4-5, August 1-2 (2 Day Course) $250.00+HST


We are also proud to be hosting the “Fundy Isles Paddling Getaway” – Let’s get together, practice and have fun at New Brunswick’s Sea Kayaking Getaway.  Then we’ll go to the best, chillest folk festival in New Brunswick – Summer’s End Folk Festival.  This getaway is meant to be fun and active, develop and improve basic paddling strokes and maneuvers and promote safe paddling decisions.


for details and to register for this fun and active weekend.  All ages and abilities.

AUGUST 19th, 20th, 21st, 2016

Our goal in developing the education programs is to promote awareness, enthusiasm and continuous development of sea kayaking throughout New Brunswick so more New Brunswickers can enjoy this beautiful sport in a safe and smart way in partnership with Canoe Kayak New Brunswick.


Every summer we notice more and more sea kayaks on the top of cars that drive off the Grand Manan Ferry (  This makes our hearts happy to see more and more people/paddlers getting involved in the sport.  We would like to make your journey exploring the coasts and islands of Grand Manan via a kayak more enjoyable and safe by offering an hour long navigation workshop.

Give us a call or email to let us know when you will be arriving and make an appointment or find our brochure on the ferry and call on your way over. 

Sit down with us in our comfortable kayak shop and learn about basic fundamental navigation skills, tools used and specific routes, places of interest and dangers of Grand Manan.  Leave our shop feeling confident about your exploration journey.

Remember we offer a 10% discount for those who have their own gear.


As always, we offer our three classic and traditional day trips each day.

Island Hopper full day Tour 6 hour – Daily Departures: 9:00am $110.00+HST

Explorer half day Tour 3 hour – Daily Departues: 9:00am and 1:00pm $60.00+HST

Adventure evening Tour 2 hour – Daily Departures: 6:00pm $45.00+HST

Let us know if you have been with us before, unless we recognize you, and we will try to kayak in a different location than last time.  Grand manan offers a wide range of routes but remember it’s the ocean and mother nature that tells us where we can paddle.



We have developed a new full day trip for this exciting 2016 summer season partnering with Top of the Island Boat Tours  Adventure High and Top of the Island will depart Grand Manan with kayaks, lunch and a sense of adventure in the morning and be taken across the bay of Fundy and dropped off at The Wolves.  We will then explore these remote islands for the majority of the day then be picked up and returned to Grand Manan Island in time for dinner.  A lunch will be provided and snacks for this exciting, epic and new adventure.

The Wolves are a group of small rocky islands located in the Bay of Fundy, approximately 25 km north of Grand Manan. Eastern Wolf Island is the largest, with Green Rock, Spruce Island, Flat Wolf Island and Southern Wolf Island all being less than 75 ha in area. The shorelines are mostly rocky with a large intertidal zone. A few small coves are also present. The vegetation is mostly characterized by boreal species such as spruce, balsam fir, and poplars. In more exposed areas, raspberry bushes prevail, with grass, and stunted shrubs/trees also being present.



Over the years Adventure High has explored every inch of this island with this combined experience we know where all the hidden gems are.  We have many options of multi day trips that we can offer depending on what you are looking to get out of your adventure.  We can make it of epic proportions or a relaxed low key vacation.  One adventure lets you start and finish the trip staying at our comfortable heritage inn The Compass Rose.  Take a look at the various options we have, choose which expedition you would like to do, gather a group of friends and family and let us plan your exclusive, all inclusive trip during the below dates:

July 18th – July 24th

August 5th – August 7th

August 29th – September 4th

NOTE: We are flexible with these dates, need to leave a few days before or are able to come back a few days later.  Not a problem we can make time for you!

Have an idea or a place you have always wanted to paddle but do not have the expertise or gear to do so, well we do!   Let us know where this dream paddling location is whether it is near or far and we will organize the trip and let you capture those epic photos for social media.


Been with us before?  Ever want to paddle in the dark?  Looking for something new?

Ask us to bring you out for a paddle during a full moon.  Become one with the water as you gently paddle in the calming full moon darkness.  Enjoy the thrill of paddling into the unknown and the silence that greets you with every stroke as you patiently listen for the sound of a near by whale coming up for a blow in the distant or the curious seals wondering what we are doing.

If you are on the island a few days before, after or on the below dates, stop in, call, or email to let us know you want to paddle in the dark.

June 20

July 19

August 18

September 16