The 2012 season has sadly come to an end.  It was a successful one and had lots of great adventures.  We are now in the process of madly cleaning up and getting geared stored away for the winter months.  While in the middle of it all Kevin is getting ready for another epic adventure to Antarctica, with another season of great kayaking in store for him.  Keep checking back as he will be adding pictures and stories of his adventures down south.  While kayaking here on Grand Manan has finished for this year, we still have cabin rentals available for you to enjoy during the beautiful fall weather.  


We would love to hear from you about your experiences with Adventure High, so please drop us a line so we can share your stories and pictures with everyone.  We are in the process of developing a picture album that will include all the great pics that you’ve taken with us, so send them along.

We’d like to thank everyone for making this one of our best seasons in recent memory and look forward to seeing you next season.  Have a great fall and hope you have many more adventures!!

PS  If you’re looking for an amazing experience you should join Kevin kayaking in Antarctica – home of the penguins!!